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Monthly Archives: January 2011


Sharing my lunch with a messy-faced kid who whispers “you know what? I love you and you are my best friend” makes my heart SING. Cameron is playing double-blog-duty today, go see him on my other blog: RoRo Ink.

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Preparing a lunch that is not only delicious but also photo-worthy… …nourishes my soul. xx d. “Recipe” follows: Asian Chicken Salad I use the tern ‘recipe’ loosely as I find recipes to be nothing but a starting point a few cups chopped colorful veggies, I used green onions, raw carrots and red bell peppers and […]

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New Year. New Look.

After 4 or 5 months of technical difficulties which were waaaay beyond my technical abilities (and supposedly those of my website company) I have a new portrait website.  I am quite pleased with the new look, the newly updated portfolio and the fact that I made the little bugger all by myself.  You know when […]

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